"Over the years, we've searched high and low for marketing assistance, someone who would take the time to understand our market niche and produce high-quality literature and web design.  Our search ended with Bill White and his team at OffWhite. Their approach to marketing is solid, thorough, and cutting edge. They really took the time to comprehend our products, our market, and our customers to develop a complete marketing communications strategy before diving into design and layout.  OffWhite beautifully integrated our marketing tool kit, including our website and other marketing materials. In addition, they are quite easy to communicate with, whether it is by cell phone, email, text, fax, Skype or in person."
Arthur Trapotsis, President
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems
Boston, MA

"OffWhite has been instrumental in the success, rapid growth and multi-media integration of ddn since before our publication was launched. Our website is a perfect complement to our monthly print edition. Simplified site management through the OffWhite Ed.it™ CMS platform yields in-depth services to our readers, highly targeted placements for our advertisers, detailed metrics and additional revenue opportunities to our publisher. With OffWhite's assistance, ddn has become an industry standard for news and information."
Bruce Poorman, Publisher
Drug Discovery News
Rocky River, OH

"I have worked with OffWhite since the mid-1990s on a variety of efforts, from launching new refrigeration technology for ultra low freezers - twice - to revitalizing a dormant line of medical waste treatment equipment. The underlying value of OffWhite in these and several other projects at multiple firms has been their singular capability to make the complex understandable. We live in a world where all successful businesses must be able to accomplish this for their products and services on a global basis. As far as I am concerned, I can recommend Bill White and his team of professionals to any group of executives who have a strong desire to launch new products or enter new markets worldwide."
Russell Cooper, Managing Director, Americas
Global Standard Equipment LLC
Cleveland, OH

"I wanted to thank you again for our amazing website! As you know, after our re-branding and name change it was imperative that www.hearinghealthfoundation.org be completed in a relatively short timeline. I was grateful that a colleague who had recently worked with you on another website project had recommended you to us. I remain impressed by how diligent, knowledgeable and professional your team was throughout the entire process.

I've worked with other web developers in the past on other websites, and this is the first time that a website project was actually completed by the launch date! I truly believe that each and every one of the team at OffWhite cared about the end product and wanted to ensure that we had a functional and attractive website that would be used for years to come.

We were especially pleased with the cross-functionality between our website and the custom Facebook page you created for us. At a time when branding is essential, we were lucky to find a partner in OffWhite who could realize our vision for social media platforms and integrate them seamlessly into our website.

Throughout the process, I had every confidence that OffWhite would deliver a first-class website—and my expectations were far exceeded. From our custom “Share your Story” page where viewers can share their own experiences (through the website or Facebook) to the videos to the polls to the easy-to-use content management system, we couldn't be happier with our new site.

I look forward to working with OffWhite in the future, as we add new functionality to our website, and highly recommend OffWhite to anyone looking to build a top-notch website!"

Click here to read Andrea's letter in full.
Andrea Boidman, Executive Director
Hearing Health Foundation
New York, NY

"When we decided to expand our marketing efforts we turned to OffWhite to tell our story and to increase awareness for our service offerings and specialized knowledge among existing and new customers. We wanted to establish and improve the dialogue with our market - lots of technical education - while reducing our national travel budget. Bill White, Jane Cirigliano and the entire OffWhite team crafted a multi-step program with a new and highly functional website, email campaigns and webinars that today bring us closer together with our customers. Our presence on the internet has improved exponentially, and our inquiry rate from existing and new customers has grown. Thanks to OffWhite we have a new and exciting business pathway to serve a growing market. We are a market leader and we look like one."
Dennis A. Blauser, President and CEO
Marietta Silos, LLC
Marietta, OH

"Esco has enjoyed a unique relationship with Offenberger & White, Inc. I believe that this relationship has been mutually beneficial and allowed both companies to learn from each other. I have personally learned a great deal about how the marketing communications function needs to be managed and believe that OffWhite has been instrumental in revamping this function at Esco."
XiangQian Lin, Executive Vice President
Micro Pte. Ltd.

"Our objective in 2011 was to join with an experienced marketing firm to build an integrated marketing program that both adds value to our product offering and appeals to our academic and commercial customers around the world. Another feature of the program design was that it would serve the then current needs and would be transferrable to an in-house marketing team assembled over time.

After a deliberate search, we found in OffWhite a capable and diligent partner who speaks our language, understands our industry, and is committed to serving our needs. The OffWhite team led by Jane Cirigliano guided us through a maze of content optimization, outbound marketing, inbound response, analytics and message that helped increase sales, attach real meaning to our brand, and position our marketing team as a successful internal resource.

OffWhite's contribution to Rockland met or exceeded our expectations at each step and phase. With confidence, we recommend OffWhite to anyone in the life sciences industry anywhere in the world."
Richard Smith, Chief Operating Officer
Rockland Antibodies & Assays
Philadelphia, PA

"OffWhite is a highly valued resource for us. Their expertise in integrated marketing in support of expanding global scientific markets has evolved through more than 26 years of continuous service. As OffWhite expands to increase a global clientele from its Marietta-based headquarters, we will continue to look to Bill White and his staff to market our unique free-piston Stirling engine technology. OffWhite is a proven resource for tech growth companies. Their ability to serve our company while importing similar opportunities from the Far East, Europe and South America, places them in a position to grow as a specialized resource for laboratory instrumentation and technology marketers."
Neill Lane, President and CEO
Stirling Ultracold, Division of Global Cooling, Inc.
Athens, OH

"When I moved to San Antonio, I took OffWhite with me. I knew I would need their insight, creativity and professionalism in my new role. New to the IT industry, there was a lot I needed to learn and then translate into powerful marketing materials. As I learned, OffWhite learned right along with me. Bill White, Jane Cirigliano and the entire OffWhite team took the time to understand our industry, our business model and my particular needs. With their help I was able to take the company through a complete rebranding effort and emerge with highly professional, attractive and comprehensive marketing materials. Our brand is now clean, sharp, modern and our materials speak in a confident and experienced tone. Marketing is fluid, not black and white - that's why I chose OffWhite."

  • Y&L Consulting develops and deploys Global IT solutions to some of the largest companies in San Antonio.
  • Sistema Technologies provides IT professional talent into different Austin government agencies.
  • Legato is proprietary, licensed project portfolio management software now used by companies throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Africa.
Tony Streeter, Senior Vice President
Y&L Consulting, Inc., a YASH Technologies Company
San Antonio, TX