OffWhite's Integrated Marketing Plan
The first step we take to become your knowledgeable marketing consultant is understanding your business and its position in the marketplace through the discovery process. We get to know your people and become familiar with your competitors within the market.
The OffWhite™ process is proven to help us develop the most effective marketing plan for your company. is an orchestrated review of your company's existing marketing strategy and implementation, identifying areas where you have sufficient strategy and tactical tools in place, so that you can focus additional efforts on the pieces of the marketing puzzle that provide the highest ROI. may include a stakeholder survey to evaluate your marketing through the perceptions of your employees and customers. At the same time, we review your marketing materials and company background in depth. We analyze our findings to develop a tailored marketing plan that covers strategy, positioning and necessary tools to support sales and distribution.
When the process is completed, OffWhite will deliver a quality, customized marketing plan.
Connect with customers at the right time in the right place with the right message. Prospects interact with your company on 3-5 different channels (website, social media, search engines, ads, product listings, etc.) before they convert. We optimize those channels, giving customers and potential customers a consistently branded, positive and engaging experience across multiple platforms. Marketing automation helps companies convert prospects to customers through personalized content and user experiences across multiple online channels. Repetitive tasks, such as email touch points with customers throughout the buying process, can be scheduled and interactions can be monitored. As behaviors are revealed, additional automated tools can be employed. The more personalized the user's experience, the more likely the prospect is to convert to a customer, and ultimately into a brand advocate.

OffWhite's CMS Platform
OffWhite developed the™2 Content Management Systems (CMS) to make a variety of services easy for our customers to run on their own, in-house.
OffWhite designs websites for integration into any major CMS platforms on the market today. However, Ed.it2 simplifies your website management and administration of your marketing program through a collaborative workflow environment you can manage anywhere, anytime, including from a computer, phone, tablet, or most other devices with browser capability. Ed.it2 is also ideal for use with, the OffWhite Growth Platform.

OffWhite's Growth Platform
OffWhite's™ is an all-in-one platform for sales, social media, digital advertising, marketing automation, email marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM). helps you grow leads, convert them into customers and keep them engaged with your company.
Our digital services help convert these leads into customers by guiding them through the buyer journey. makes sure your content and creative materials hit the right prospects at the right time, in the right place. Through lead segmentation, you can better understand your target audience and ensure relevant, personalized content.
Grow and support the entire lifecycle of your customers. Easily. Efficiently. Affordably.