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COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain Storage Flyer PHCNA
Cold chain storage solutions that fit the requirements of new and emerging vaccine storage needs has never been more important. As some novel vaccines require ultra-low temperatures and others may require multiple temperature storage points before administration to the public, OffWhite create a new flyer for PHC Corporation of North America (formerly Panasonic Healthcare) to highlight storage solutions that are suitable for a wider range of the cold chain.
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 Manuverate Website
Manuverate Website
The modern design, simplistic navigation and straightforward copy constructed by OffWhite effectively communicate the benefits of Manuverate's innovative, ergonomic delivery system and loading/unloading equipment. The site includes a video and image gallery, news/blog posts, an animated homepage slider with a responsive design and parallax effects sprinkled throughout to add depth to still images.
 Panasonic Exhibit Design
Panasonic Healthcare Exhibition Space Design and Planning
OffWhite created a new exhibit experience for Panasonic Healthcare to make an impact and generate buzz around new, ground-breaking products and the company's 50th year of innovation in the life science market. The space is designed to showcase all of the company's product lines as a 3-D experience of a laboratory and how researchers move through the cell culture equation. The exhibit can also be repurposed for different spaces and specific applications for niche tradeshows.
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 EZG Website
EZG Manufacturing Website
OffWhite recently launched a new website for EZG Manufacturing, combining all of its divisions - which had previously been running on separate websites - into one integrated brand experience. The site features photo and video galleries, lead generation opportunities and a robust mobile experience.
 eBook content marketing
Air Science Content Marketing
OffWhite developed a lead generation program for Air Science, tied to content marketing. We wrote and designed an ebook series focused on value pieces across four markets and product lines. The campaign was promoted through social media, email marketing and traditional media. Leads were nurtured through OffWhite's marketing automation platform, Markit.
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