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Your brand image needs to be innovative and memorable, coinciding with the integrity of your products or services. The OffWhite design team designs logos that not only look nice, but also convey the mission, goals, culture, experiences and personality of your company.
OffWhite has always focused on delivering a strong, detailed message with clean and regimented graphic design that competes on a global stage. We can help make your brand synonymous with quality and authority in your market.
Learn more about how we help build and protect your brand image across a variety of media.


Flooding the market with meaningless content does little to capture market share and can hurt your brand reputation. Providing information that portrays you as an authoritative resource in biotechnology and life sciences assures instant brand recognition and a growing group of customers and followers that can interact across media.
We help you incorporate tools such as news releases, articles, technical reports and white papers that are easy to understand and relevant to your audience. OffWhite helps crystallize your corporate message and create compelling communications plans to incorporate traditional, online and interactive media in an integrated plan to manage your brand with your resources or ours.
Read more about our writing and strategy development process here.


OffWhite works with you to get your marketing right the first time. Understanding your business is the first step we take on our way to becoming a knowledgeable consulting partner for you. Our team gets to know you and your business, becoming familiar with your market and your company’s place in it.
After we develop your strategic marketing approach, we help integrate diverse communications strategies to deliver a complete life science marketing package using a suite of tools and expertise that meet your goals and budget.
All of this begins with an initial audit of your existing materials and marketing processes. Learn about our Aud.it process here.


OffWhite helps you take full advantage of the vast potential of new media, print and the web. We have been positioning companies in the bioscience and technology space since our inception. Through effective information mapping, writing, graphic design and technical illustration, we help you convey your message with impact, accuracy and consistency.
The reputation of your brand only lasts if discipline is applied in its usage within the marketplace. Beyond design, OffWhite provides guidelines on everything you need to know about how to use and protect your brand on a worldwide stage.
Learn more about our web and digital media capabilities here.
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